How many Carbs should I Eat?

How many Carbs should I Eat?


Check the Graphs for the type of diet you are keeping, whether it be fat loss or maintaining or body buiding. The Charts will show the amount of each nutrient to keep balance to the type of program you wish.

loseit graph

Because I am on the fat burning program, My proteins are going to show much higher than the other nutrients. Let’s see how I did…Go to my Loseit graph and when you add up the grams in all 3 parts of the graph, we come up with 126 protein, 51 carbs, and 62 fats for a total of 239 grams for the day. If you take 239 and check it against the chart for fat loss above, it shows 108 protein(I was just a little high there. 48 carbs(I hit that pretty close) and 84 fats(I didn’t quite make it to that number). But you can see the balance I was trying to keep.

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