My Daughter’s Inspiring Weight loss Story – Update

My Daughter’s Inspiring Weight loss Story – Update

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Update July 18…

Hey everyone! It’s me again…

I just wanted to update everyone on my progress to date…

Two weeks ago, I had my follow up with Dr. Goodman. I am excited to share that I met his 25 pound weight loss goal! That is how I won the “Dr. Goodman Athletic Club” t-shirt … BTW – It is a size LARGE! I literally cannot remember the last time I was in a size Large!

Dr. Goodman went over the latest blood work with me and my cholesterol level is now 4 points BELOW normal! (which he is going to keep watch over, but nothing he is worried about yet.) In just 3 months time, my body is fixing itself with this food elimination. It really is amazing what food can do to a person. And the wrong food for me might be the right food for you.

And the weight still continues to come off.

Total weight loss to date is 55 pounds!

Weight loss since I met Dr. Goodman, 30!

If I can give you some words of wisdom, in the name of ‘Dory’: “Just keep swimming”

And eventually, you will be a happier and healthier you.

AND>>>I will keep you updated at Relax Weight Loss!

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