My Daughter’s Inspiring Weight loss Story

My Daughter’s Inspiring Weight loss Story


Food Allergies Cause Overweight

Hi, I am Tammy. 

I would like to inspire others to find their answers to their sicknesses and ailments just as I have found mine.
If I can reach just one person out there to do the same, then I have done my job. I promise you, it is worth the read!

I am a working mother of a beautiful 5 year old daughter who keeps me extremely busy and I have a wonderful husband that I couldn’t live without.

My journey started almost two years ago in June 2014, after I received the results of some blood work that told my doctor (PCP) I should probably go see a Rheumatologist because they thought I could have Arthritis or Lupus. Lupus!! Now, some people would say that me refusing to go see a Rheumatologist was stupid. Well, let me tell you why it was not…

After hearing that news, I decided I was going to start losing weight again. So, I did… On my own, I started losing weight by changing one habit at a time. And it worked! I lost 30 pounds all on my own. No fad diets and not by working out like the Biggest Loser. But then I got stuck and I would gain a little and lose a little. I needed another little push to keep working towards my goal…


A week before my 40th birthday this year, I made a decision to go see a Naturopath (just so happens my father made his decision two weeks before me, so I knew a guy, lol). All I was looking for was some more advice on their techniques for losing weight and to find out what I was doing wrong. But what I got from him was so much more than I ever expected. I admit, it was a lot to take in at first… but the results are amazing!

After doing a metabolic test, the first thing he told me was that I burned 2,333 calories AT REST (without exercise) per day!! WHAT??!! I looked at him and said, then why the heck do I still look like this?? I certainly don’t eat that many calories in a day… but I was eating the wrong things (the wrong things for me at least).

He put me on a low carb, high protein diet. I lost 6 pounds the first week, and then another 4 pounds for a 10 pound weight loss in the first 3 weeks! Yes, I know, the first 10 pounds are the easiest because it is mostly water weight. But it kept melting off. And I am still not going crazy on the working out. Yes, I walk about 15 minutes on the treadmill 4 or 5 days a week. But I am not going crazy. I will do a little planking and push ups, crunches and leg lifts only to tone because the weight is coming off so fast. 

My second visit to the Naturopath is where I learned the craziest bit of information about myself. I got the results of my blood work…
I was “allergic” to foods!! Foods that I was eating every day of my life and because I never had stomach problems or anaphylactic reactions to them, I never knew. They caused inflammation in my body which in turn causes blockage and your body can’t do what it is supposed to, like remove the fat cells as easily.

Things I cannot eat: Pears, Polysorbate 80, Tuna, Rye, Apples, Broccoli, Salmon, Chicken, Scallops, Whole Wheat, Asparagus, Beets, Coffee, Beef, Cola nut, Flax seed.
I looked at the Doc and said, you just took all my protein away. How am I supposed to eat a high protein diet without Beef, Chicken and Tuna??

Needless to say, the past two and a half months have been trying. Eating Pork, Turkey, Lamb and Bison instead of the other proteins. But it is totally worth it!  All my pain is GONE! I can’t believe I felt that pain every day of my life and I just thought it was normal. After only one month of eliminating all those foods, my blood work came back NORMAL!  I no longer had elevated inflammation in my body! I no longer had a reason to go see a specialist! I also have not needed my albuterol inhaler this Spring! Usually, the past 4 years, I have needed it about 3 times a day because I was having a hard time breathing. NOT THIS YEAR! I am coming off my medications and it was only due to food elimination and a low carb/high protein diet. 

I was ecstatic that I trusted my gut and didn’t get misdiagnosed with Arthritis and/or Lupus and have to take more medications that would just kill my body even more! Now, I am not saying this is everyone’s answer. I am not saying that we can’t trust our doctors. People tend to gravitate to what their field is, or their comfort zone. All I am asking is trust your instinct. Consult a Naturopath before you go on medications. They may be able to help you first. Just think, the Fibromyalgia type feeling you have, might just be pain you are experiencing from the foods you eat. Just sayin’.

To date, 11 weeks into the diet, I have lost 20 pounds for a total overall weight loss of 45 pounds! I went from a size 24 to a size 16!
I am not at my goal yet.

But I will keep you updated at Relax Weight Loss!

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  1. Tammy you are an inspiration. Sharing your story will only motivate others to make the choices which, though hard in the short-term, make life a lot easier, healthier and enjoyable in the long run.

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