The Journey



In February of 2016 I decided to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions. My doctor had recently told me that I would be on blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. This was new to me. I felt like I was trapped. I was 62 years old, 205 lbs. with elevated blood pressure and heart rate, achy joints and was feeling quite old. Then I made an appointment with a very wise man. He would be the naturopath physician that guided my wife through her bout with cancer. My first visit was on 2/24/2016. His question when I walked into the office was…”Are you ready for a Lifestyle Change?”. Boy…he wasn’t kidding! They used to call me the Thomas’s English Muffin kid…lol. But no more I guess. At least not for now. I left his office relieved that he would be sending me my plan that night. And it would include how to eat less carbs and more protein, or balance your macronutrients. Armed with the Loseit app in my phone and the physician’s program, which was protein heavy, I started my journey. I wanted to lower blood pressure naturally. While he did say this would be very easy, with a little  exercise needed, I was going to help it along with some weight lifting and elliptical exercise. I used to be heavy into lifting not to long ago and it came right back to me. I felt Jack LaLanne. :o) Anyway, while aways being aware of keeping my protein intake over my carbs and fat by at least 1.5 times I found weight dropping away. My blood pressure and heart rate slowly making their way down. OMG!…every morning I would run to the scale to see the progress. It was so exciting. I did not cheat at all, especially seeing the progress. Today 5/1/16 approximately 9 weeks later, I’m 4 lbs. away from my goal weight of 175 lbs., my blood pressure in level of not needing medicine, my heart rate in the 60’s and knees that don’t talk to me anymore. I have to admit, it was tough to say goodbye to carbs…pizza, bread, potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, english muffins, bagels…OMG! my bagels. Now…don’t care…never looked back. In 10 weeks I went from 36 waist to 32 waist and leaner than I’ve ever been. Doctor said he would get me in 32’s again…and you know what…HE DID! Now if I can help just one person here, or maybe two, It is something I need to do.

UPDATE 5/21/16

Blood pressure still good, met 1st goal of 175 lbs. …still not eating breads…lol.


Thirteen Weeks from start: Original Goal 175 lbs.

Weight Loss Goals Reached:

  • 205 lbs. went to 173 lbs.
  • 36 inch waist went to 32 inch waist.

Seventeen Weeks from start: New Added Goal 170 lbs.

Weight Loss Goals Reached:

  • 175 lbs. went t0 170 lbs.
  • 32 inch waist went to 31 inch waist.

Benefits of Weight Loss:

  • No more high blood pressure (and off blood pressure medication)
  • Heart rate went from 90 to 100 average bpm to mid 60’s.
  • Knee swelling and pain gone. (now I am dead lifting with them…go figure)
  • No joint pain at all.
  • The wife says for some reason, I do not snore at all anymore. (and I used to keep her awake…lol)
  • Energy level is through the roof.
  • And bought some new DUDS!


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